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GS Team
Mr. MUHAMMED AYAZ KHAN Faculty from Delhi. Honorary director of Karims IAS, highly acclaimed teacher Science & Technology.
Mr.ASHOK KUMAR DUBEY Faculty from Delhi. The name synonymous with Policy and Governance.
Mr. T SAMABANDHAM Faculty from Delhi. The name synonymous with Policy and Governance.
Mr. RAVISHANKAR Best Faculty in south india, best in Ecology, Evironment.
Mr. AMIT MISRA IIM Alumni, current affairs specialist,walking encyclopedia
Mr. ASIF K P Best Geography teacher.
Mr. SAPTHARSHI PUROHITH All Inida Quiz Champion, S&T
Mr. GODWIN Best in Econimics
Mr. Safeer Karim CAT topper, Undoubtedly best aptitude trainer
Mr. ABHILASH Professional motivator and experienced faculty for Aptitude exams.
Mr. Safeer Karim Attended UPSC interview – 2013, best in Sociology.
Dr. MINI NAIR The best teacher in Malayalam.
Mr. RAVISHANKAR Highly acclaimed teacher in zoology, Best in India.

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The Civil Services Examination (CSE) is conducted by UPSC every year. It is a prescribed course of study for heavy examination especially at the Main exam stage. A candidate, therefore, has to prepare first for the Main Exam and then for the Prelim. This is so because, if one starts his preparation for the Main exam after

the having written the Prelim exam, he will have just four months (June to September) to prepare optional subject, essay and General Studies, which is almost impossible to achieve. Each optional subject is of post graduation level and sometimes it will be totally a new subject. In majority of the cases, candidates land up with new optional subject. Based on the experience, we suggest the following course of preparation for the CSE.

Suppose a candidate wants to sit for the CSE in 2014 and 2013 as the year previous to the one in which a candidate wants to take the CSE. One can divide his preparation into two parts or two sessions Viz., May and October sessions.

Start your preparation in May of the previous year in which you wish to face the Prelim and prepare the optional subject, from the first week of May to September of the year 2013.Thereafter prepare your GS for both Prelim and Main exam and CSAT for the Prelim from October of 2013 to March of the year 2014 and take the Prelim exam in May of the year 2014. After taking the Prelim exam, in June to September of the year in which you are going to attend the mains, you can revise your optional subject and GS and prepare the Essay paper before taking the Main exam in October.

The period from June to September of the year 2014, can be used to take a test series for the optional subject and GS for the Main exam.


  • Start at least one year before you going to take the Prelim exam. From the first week of May to September of the previous year in which candidates wish to attempt prelims, prepare the optional subject.
  • From the first week of previous October to March , prepare GS, both for the Prelim and Main exam and CSAT. If time permits you may revise your optional subject.
  • From April to May of the exam year, repeat many times GS and CSAT for the Prelim exam.
  • From the last week of May to September of the exam year, revise the optional subject, GS and prepare for Essay for the Main exam. The compulsory English and Indian language papers generally do not need any formal preparation. Join a test series for GS and optional subject.
  • From November of the exam year to next February revise GS and CSAT for the next year’s Prelim exam and do not waste away these months, as anyone can be uncertain about the final results. Alongside from January after mains, start preparing for the interview to be held in March/April of the following year. You may also join a test series for GS (Prelim only) and CSAT during this period, so as to be battle-ready to face the Prelim for the second time, if need be, in the next year.
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